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On Black Friday, Blumenthal shops for media

On a day when every newscast was certain to report on Black Friday shopping, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal attracted every network affiliate to a news conference with a bit of media catnip — a fresh gloss on an old warning to consumers about the sales and advertising practices at outlet malls. Continue Reading →

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CSCU leader says balking faculty will eventually praise transformation plan

Gregory Gray was taken aback when faculty members of the Connecticut State College and University system rejected his “road map” for transforming the sprawling network of campuses. In a recent interview, however, he said they will come to like and accept the plan as they learn more about it and participate more in shaping the final version. Continue Reading →

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Newly legalized CT immigrants eligible for Social Security, Medicare, but not other benefits

WASHINGTON – Immigrants in Connecticut who receive provisional legal status under President Obama’s new executive orders will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare, but not food stamps or health care benefits provided by AccessHealthCT. Continue Reading →

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Is Malloy poised to put much of the budget deficit on CT’s credit card?

Though Gov. Dannel P. Malloy insists spending cuts will be used to close this year’s $100 million budget deficit, GOP lawmakers say the Democratic governor is poised to use a rarely publicized bonding tool to effectively close much of the shortfall with borrowing. Continue Reading →

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School funding trial delayed indefinitely over emails

The trial that will determine whether the state is spending enough money to provide Connecticut public school children with an adequate education has been put on hold indefinitely. The trial was set back in recent weeks after attorneys discovered 77 email chains from the leader of the coalition suing the state in which she instructed people to delete the emails. Continue Reading →

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