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Updated: Dec. 19

Wondering about the status of your favorite commissioner in the administration of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy? Your least favorite? Here’s a scorecard showing the departing, the remaining – and those whose status is a mystery, at least to the public.

Malloy must formally reappoint any commissioners who are staying for a second term, subjecting them to a confirmation hearing before the legislature’s Committee on Executive and Legislative Nominations and a confirmation vote by one chamber of the General Assembly.

So far, we know 12 commissioners are staying, four are leaving and one is switching jobs. Two of the governor’s top aides also re-upped for a second term.

Mark Ojakian is staying as the governor’s chief of staff, a job he took one year into the governor’s first term, succeeding Tim Bannon. Ben Barnes is staying as the secretary of policy and management, the office responsible for producing the state budget. He has been with the administration since its first day.

Two top aides are exiting: Luke Bronin, the general counsel; and Andrew Doba, the communication director. Doba is being succeeded by Mark Bergman, who handled messaging for the governor’s re-election campaign. No word on the new top lawyer. Both are the second men to hold their jobs.

Melody Currey is moving from the Department of Motor Vehicles to succeed Donald J. DeFronzo, who is retiring from the Department of Administrative Services. William Rubenstein is retiring from the Department of Consumer Protection. No successor has been named at motor vehicles or consumer protection.

The fate of Stefan Pryor, his education commissioner, was announced during the campaign, and he already has accepted a job overseeing economic development in Rhode Island. Tom Leonardi is rejoining the private sector after four years as insurance commissioner. Again, no successors have been named.

Those who are staying are seeing their status confirmed with a rolling series of press releases. (That’s not to say that those listed as unknown do not know their fate.)

So far, Malloy has penciled in 12 on his second-term lineup card: Steven K. Reviczky, agriculture; Myra Jones-Taylor, early childhood; Catherine H. Smith, economic and community development; Robert J. Klee, energy and environmental protection; Sharon M. Palmer, labor; Evonne Klein, housing; Patricia Rehmer, mental health and addiction services; Jewel Mullen, public health; Amy Porter, rehabilitation services; Kevin Sullivan, revenue services; Roderick Bremby, social services; and James P. Redeker, transportation. In addition, Gen. Thaddeus Martin was named earlier this year to a four-year term overseeing the Nati0nal Guard.

Of the 12, Bremby’s reappointment was a mild surprise, mainly because his name publicly floated for other jobs, he is from out of state — and he has been engaged for four years in trying to modernize one of the state’s biggest bureaucracies.

Of those on the unknown list, the commissioner getting the most attention is Joette Katz at the Department of Children and Families. The job is difficult, and she has amassed some detractors over four years.

Three posts are held by interim commissioners.

The Malloy 2.0 Scorecard
Malloy is dribbling out his reappointments, so we’re keeping a scorecard of who is staying for his second term.
Job Name Staying Departing Unknown
Chief of staff Mark Ojakian *
OPM Ben Barnes *
Counsel Luke Bronin *
Communication Director Andrew Doba *
Administrative Services Donald DeFronzo *
Aging Margaret Gerundo-Murkette Interim
Agriculture Steven Reviczy *
Banking Howard F. Pitkin *
Children & Families Joette Katz *
Consumer Protection William M. Rubenstein *
Correction Scott Semple Interim
Developmental Services Terrence W. Macy *
Early Childhood Myra Jones-Taylor *
Economic Development Catherine H. Smith *
Education Stefan Pryor *
Emergency Services Dora B. Schriro *
Housing Evonne Klein *
Military Thaddeus J. Martin *
Energy & Environment Robert J. Klee *
Insurance Thomas Leonardi *
Labor Sharon M. Palmer *
Mental Health & Addiction Patricia Rehmer *
Motor Vehicles Melody Currey Moving
Public Health Jewel Mullen *
Rehabilitation Services Amy Porter *
Revenue Services Kevin Sullivan *
Social Services Roderick L. Bremby *
Transportation James P. Redeker *
Veterans’ Affairs Joseph Perkins Interim

Mark is the Capitol Bureau Chief and a co-founder of CT Mirror. He is a frequent contributor to WNPR, a former state politics writer for The Hartford Courant and Journal Inquirer, and contributor for The New York Times.

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