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Auditors: UConn Health paid $192,500 to resigning CEO

UConn's John Dempsey Hospital in Farmington

UConn Health paid $192,500 to the former John Dempsey Hospital CEO who chose to resign because of a pending reorganization – a waste of resources, state auditors wrote in a report released Wednesday. Continue Reading →

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Plans for Coltsville national park hit some bumps in first year

WASHINGTON — A year after the go-ahead was given to authorize the first national park in Connecticut, efforts to commemorate the industrial innovation of Samuel and Elizabeth Colt in Hartford have hit some stumbling blocks, including one that may require an act Congress to resolve. Continue Reading →

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Hartford case helped inspire tax relief for wrongfully convicted

WASHINGTON — East Hartford resident James Tillman was convicted of rape and jailed for almost 18 years before a DNA test exonerated and freed him in 2006. Congress is now adding to the restitution Tillman, and hundreds of wrongfully convicted people, received for the wrong the judicial system did them. Continue Reading →

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