What high school students want…

Students share with the State Board of Education their ideas to improve high schools in Connecticut.

Students share their ideas for improving high schools in Connecticut with the State Board of Education.

The statewide advisory panel of high schools students told members of the State Board of Education Wednesday what they want — including later school opening times, fewer tests, and a mandatory community service requirement.

Several obstacles are certain to get in the way of those recommendations, however.

If the high school start time were to be pushed back to 8:30 a.m. ,as the students recommend, providing transportation would be a challenge. Buses are already being used to transport elementary students during that time.

But Max Wang, a senior at Sheldon High School, said that it’s worth overcoming these challenges since studies show students are not getting enough sleep.

The state panel — composed of 25 students from urban, suburban and rural districts across the state — also is proposing that students be spared having to take the Common Core-aligned test if they take another standardized test in high school. Those tests would include the Advanced Placement, SAT and ACT tests.

“This will take the focus off of teaching to the test,” since there would be multiple tests, said Peter Russell, a senior at Greenwich High School.

The State Board is expected to hear a more detailed explanation of the recommendations from the student advisory board in June.