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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Should Connecticut re-instate tolls on its major highways?

The Connecticut legislature is considering a bill (HB 6818) that would order the transportation commissioner to establish a toll-collection system on the state’s major highways at its borders. The bill would also set up “safeguards to ensure that any toll revenue is deposited in the Special Transportation Fund (STF) and used only for transportation purposes.” Witnesses — many from the state’s border communities — submitted testimony in opposition to the idea. A few were in favor. Here is an excerpted sampling of both. The full list of witnesses and their written testimony can be found here.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Connecticut businessman: Congress should protect us from ‘patent trolls’

Patent Assertion Entities (sometimes pejoratively referred to as “patent trolls”) are companies that use overly broad patents as tools of intimidation. They force businesses to pay license fees for processes they are already using. It’s wrong, and it harms our economy. But Congress has an opportunity to pass common sense patent reform this year that will have a real and beneficial impact on small businesses across the country.