Former Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

Demagogues use vitriol because the ends justify the means.  Their logic and morality is superior and if you disagree, you are evil and stupid.  It’s as simple as that.

Consider what took place two weeks ago in Hartford.  Gov. Dannel Malloy used the tool of vitriol when he purposefully called the Connecticut Republicans racist for differing with him on policy regarding the sentencing of drug use near schools.

A few weeks ago, he called Gov. Mike Pence from Indiana a bigot for his policy on religious freedoms, freedoms similarly protected here in Connecticut.  Starting this coming year, Gov. Malloy is to be the chairman of the Democratic Governor’s Association (DGA), and many suggest he’s just showing off his “progressive” bona fides.

At issue:  the governor wants to repeal current penalties for drug possession near schools, arguing drug free zones have a “disparate impact” and is “unfair” to minority drug dealers and users in urban areas.  Some Republican legislators question whether it’s a good idea to make it safer for drug use near schools, when the law was purposefully passed by Democrats and Republicans to keep drug dealers and users away from our schools and children.

For even raising such a question, our governor calls his opponents racists.  Those who voice a differing point of view are not wrong, or misinformed. They’re racists.

In response to such an insidious comment, and rightfully, in my view, House Republican leader Themis Klarides stopped House debate for five hours, called a press conference, and rebuked Gov. Malloy for his noxious comments.  Echoing the sentiment of her party, Klarides stated “Enough is enough … being called racist goes so far below what any governor should do because we don’t agree with his ideas.  It’s shameful. It’s vile.”

So blatantly venomous were Gov. Malloy’s comments, Nutmeggers uniquely witnessed a joint press release where Klarides was joined by top Democrat leaders to include House Speaker J. Brendan Sharkey, and House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz, each issuing statements denouncing Malloy’s comments.

Malloy’s response to the joint rebuke:  “I haven’t said everybody’s a racist” and that his opponents are “fear mongering” over drug dealers near schools.

So just some Republicans are racist and possibly some Democrats, but not all of them. Wanting a discussion about drug users near schools is fear mongering.

Makes you wonder, was the intent of the law racist when originally passed by the Democrats’ to protect school children, or is it now racist for some ulterior motive? Should state drug laws be different in cities than in towns?  Do drug-free zones around schools help protect children?   Should urban children be less protected?  Should we have the drug laws we have?

All reasonable questions for discussion if you ask me.

No doubt, smearing your opponent as a racist to stop honest debate is sure easier than having to logically and with reason defend the efficacy of an idea.  Denigrating thousands of Connecticut citizens as racists is a throw- away line to people like Malloy.  Unjustly impugning someone’s character, so what, it’s just politics we are told.

From my observations, Malloy’s vitriol makes him an ideological hero for many “progressive” Democrats in Connecticut and nationally.   They applaud the governor’s vitriol; value his divisive “leadership.”

Citizens of Connecticut deserve more respect from their governor.

Dale Dauphinais lives in Killingly and is chairman of the Quiet Corner Tea Party Patriots.

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