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Posted inNews

Labor vows political fallout from Himes trade stance

WASHINGTON — Rep. Jim Himes is in Germany with President Obama for the G-7 meeting of major world economic powers, evidence of the president’s success in influencing key members of his party to vote for a trade measure considered a poison pill for most Democrats. Immediately, organized labor said there would be a political price to pay for Himes’ support on the trade bill.

Posted inEducation

Bloomfield schools stage a comeback

BLOOMFIELD — Only a few years ago, Bloomfield High School was one of the state’s lowest-performing schools, a symbol of the chronic achievement gap afflicting low-income and minority students. But much has changed. In a state with some of the largest achievement gaps in the nation, a promising turnaround – in all of Bloomfield’s schools – has caught the attention of state officials and education reform organizations.

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To lead effectively, Connecticut’s leaders must keep their word

For progressives to be successful, we need people to trust government. In 2014 Gov. Malloy ran on the firm pledge that he would not raise taxes. That pledge has been broken. And it was broken in the context of some nimble maneuvering to circumvent the spending cap. … To make government work better we have to keep faith with the people and to do that we have to be better about keeping our word.

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Please donate today: The Mirror’s ‘Why I Give’ campaign ends Monday

A contentious 2015 Connecticut Legislative session drew to a close just before midnight Wednesday with the dramatic passage of a fiercely fought state budget. Our staff worked into the early hours Thursday to provide the same comprehensive, insightful coverage of those last hours that they delivered all session. And our audience responded in record numbers over those chaotic final days. This is just another reminder of why The Mirror exists. Please support us and donate today.