We are writing because there seems to be quite a bit of outrage and disappointment with the outcome of the state budget deliberations last week.

After all the volleying back and forth between political parties, governor’s office, and legislators this year, the dust is starting to settle and there seems to be a lot of unhappiness with the results.

We spent a lot of time this winter in Hartford talking with legislators and trying to get support for our grandson and others with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We want to thank our legislators who worked to get funding for the Department of Developmental Services, especially Sen. Beth Bye, Reps. Jay Case, and John Hampton who led the bi-partisan Intelectual Disabilities Caucus, the first in the country.

They, and all the legislators who belong to this caucus, truly heard our needs and are trying to support the most vulnerable in our society. Without their help, cuts to DDS would have been worse.

The responsibility for the budget lies with the governor. Our legislators did the best they could.

Frank and Denise King live in Lebanon.

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