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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Good reasons to leave Connecticut; many more to stay

My nephew thinks we should all skedaddle right out of Connecticut as fast as our Prii can take us – last one to cross the border, turn off the lights. Party over. He emails me articles to bolster his case, and there is no question that our state is facing serious challenges. The cost of living and taxes are high and rising here, some businesses are grumpy and threatening to move to Florida and beyond, and our economy is growing slower than most other states. While still ranked near the top for our median household income, our personal revenue actually has declined since 2000; and Connecticut recently has become a leader for economic inequality among its citizens, a dubious honor that used to go to places like Mississippi.


Posted inCT Viewpoints

Body cameras on Connecticut cops — a help or not?

New state law providing funding and standards for the use of police body cameras will go into effect in October, signaling a new era of oversight of law enforcement officers. How effective do you think this law will be? CTViewpoints invites you to contribute your insights on this new legislation from your perspective as a citizen, civil rights advocate, law enforcement official or other interest group.