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Review: College administrators paid above competitive market

The Board of Regents, the governing board for the state’s largest college system, is set to vote Thursday on proposed new pay scales that align future employees’ salaries with the market and limit how much the system’s 297 non-unionized staff can be paid. They will also vote on exempting present employees who are paid over the scale, though raises for them would eventually be limited starting in 2018.

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CT juvenile centers must operate with understanding of trauma

The recent report from the Office of Child Advocate states that the vast majority of children and youth at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School and Pueblo have “histories of trauma, abuse, neglect, complex psychiatric disorders and special education needs.”
It then goes on to detail the use of isolation and restraints as behavior management strategies or for discipline even in non-emergency situations. I want to start by saying those charged with rehabilitating and treating this vulnerable population face difficulties and challenges. But are cycles of punishment that go nowhere and only harm our youth any better? I say no, and I offer an alternative: operating from an understanding of the impact of trauma.