Connecticut's complex justice issues, unpacked

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UConn should promote and finance academic, research superiority

In the wake of recent announcements of budget cuts to Connecticut’s Higher Education system, it seems that the state government may be forgetting about the important role our research university plays in the state. The University of Connecticut and other research universities are part of a grand bargain to have a substantial impact on society and the economy. Emerging theories in mathematics, medicine and music pave the way for future industries and opportunities for graduating students.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Connecticut legislators should support Vietnam Blue Water Navy veterans

A resolution has been proposed by State Rep. Theresa Conroy and State Sen. Catherine Osten to support the “Vietnam Blue Water Navy” in its fight to regain health and compensation benefits unjustly stripped from them in 2002. On Feb. 5 the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs once again betrayed the Vietnam Blue Water Veterans by declaring all bays and harbors in Vietnam offshore waters. That means that sailors who served in those ports which previously were considered inland waters will no longer be presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange. In essence they have decided to possibly kill off another 10,000 Vietnam veterans.