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A lesson on crime, redemption and trees at Yale

It’s all a bit movie-of-the-weekish, mixing ex-cons, the Ivy League, and a goal of reforesting a city famously hit hard by Dutch elm disease. But it’s been working for a half dozen years now, boasting a high survival rate for the trees and low recidivism for the guys. Continue Reading →

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Um, governor, about your car taxes…

Taxes owed to Hartford on two cars owned by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy are listed in arrears, a subject of some gleeful emails among tax collectors opposed to Malloy’s plan to end the Department of Motor Vehicles’ role as a municipal debt collector. The bill was due Jan. 1. Malloy paid the bill on one car when told Tuesday night it was overdue. The other car has been sold. Continue Reading →

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Change to hospital regulation again looms – but direction unclear

As hospitals join larger systems and critics worry about access to care, a key legislator said the time is ripe for lawmakers to revisit the way the state regulates major changes in health care. But it’s not yet clear what shape such changes will take – or whether they would leave the state with more regulation or less, a sign of sharply differing views on its role. Continue Reading →

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A governor’s search for fiscal ‘balance’ on the road

On Sunday night, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy was seated at a table with the president at the White House, where he is appreciated for pushing criminal justice reforms the Justice Department would like to implement on a broader scale. On Tuesday night, he was at a high school in New Haven, listening to complaints about the shrinking reach of state government. Continue Reading →

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State budget panel sends mixed message on raises for UConn professionals

Despite huge looming state budget deficits, the legislature’s Appropriations Committee sent a mixed message Tuesday on a contract granting University of Connecticut non-teaching professionals annual raises ranging from 3 to 4.5 percent over the next five years. Continue Reading →

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Cable, satellite TV balk at paying for new ‘civic network’

The cable and satellite television industries are lining up against a proposal for a new State Civic Network that would provide unprecedented cable and streaming video access to the legislature, courts and other aspects of public life in Connecticut. Their customers would pay for the new network, though proponents say it could cost as little as 40 cents per subscriber. Continue Reading →

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Governors ask for money, share strategies to combat opioid crisis

WASHINGTON — The nation’s governors have pressed the federal government for money to help them combat the opioid abuse and heroin addiction that has resulted in a spike of overdoses and strained state public health systems. They also shared with the Obama administration and each other policies they’ve implemented to confront the crisis. Continue Reading →

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UConn contract seems iffy as Appropriations vote nears

On the eve of a critical legislative committee vote, some members of the Democratic majority were still undecided on whether to approve a five-year salary contract for 1,900 University of Connecticut employees. Continue Reading →

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Is a last-minute budget the only one sure to be balanced?

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy challenged legislators recently to break their bad habit of resolving the new state budget in the waning hours of the General Assembly session. But while legislative leaders recognized that last week as a laudable goal, they also said that — if recent history is any guide — an early finish could produce a budget that is unbalanced before the next fiscal year even begins. Continue Reading →

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Key task force: Evidence ‘insufficient’ to recommend universal autism screening

Sparking strong reaction from doctors and child development experts, an influential task force says there’s “insufficient evidence” to argue definitely that the benefits of screening all young children for autism outweigh the harms. Continue Reading →

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Report: More than 350 CT bridges ‘structurally deficient’

WASHINGTON – A transportation builders’ association says 357 bridges in Connecticut are “structurally deficient,” meaning one or more key elements, such as the deck or substructure, is considered to be in “poor” condition – or worse. Continue Reading →

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