Since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law six years ago, Access Health CT (AHCT) has been a national leader at implementing our state-based healthcare exchange and enrolling residents in quality, affordable health care coverage. AHCT was the first state-based marketplace in the nation to incorporate an All Payer Claims Database, the first to be self-sustaining, the first to develop a consumer support tool, first to offer in-person assistance at enrollment centers and the first to build a robust strategy that’s realistic and measurable.

The organization’s success has been recognized nationally with numerous nominations and awards for our innovative ideas in technology and community outreach efforts.

AHCT has developed relationships with dedicated partners and procured an independent review of carrier rates to ensure reasonable premium costs. Most importantly, along with our partners we’ve lowered Connecticut’s uninsured rate by more than half to 3.8 percent and have served almost 1 million individuals since 2013.

Access Health CT’s past efforts have had a significant impact on minority and hard to reach communities and young populations by providing information that’s culturally relevant and sensitive to their needs. We have been implementing initiatives that are helping close the gap of disparities in access to healthcare and improving affordability via delivery system reforms that have a direct impact on cost for the consumers.

Like other exchanges across America, we need to do more with less. As we develop our strategic goals for the next three years, AHCT is pivoting from an organization that focused primarily on getting residents enrolled to one providing intelligent solutions for individuals to access care at an affordable cost.

We are shifting our attention from acquisition to retention; from mass communications to targeted ones; from transactional tools to mechanisms that empower members to choose the best health care coverage for them and their families; from knowing little about our members to implementing data warehouses that allows us to serve them better.

While others exchanges continue to deal with fundamental issues, AHCT is evolving our successful platforms, systems, technologies, campaigns and data to focus solely on the member’s needs; asking ourselves, “what can we do to improve their experience, plan usability and health care outcomes at an affordable cost?”

Access Health CT is different. We are one of a few organizations in the state implementing the Affordable Care Act, and are uniquely positioned to partner and expand our work to improve the health of our state’s residents. Our customer service and satisfaction view is built on a foundation that addresses health disparities, affordability, quality and cost; all with the goal of making a healthier state.

We are implementing a strategy that puts the customer first. We are able to provide choice to those who never had the peace of mind that comes with having healthcare coverage. We are providing better options to those who had coverage, but struggled without financial help, or who are now able to take advantage of an affordable option after losing employment.

Because of our success, we can now look at enhancements and improvements for our members. We have learned from our mistakes, responded quickly to the changing environment and have made the necessary changes to respond to our customer’s needs.

Access Health CT acknowledges that our work is far from over and we cannot do this alone. We have a team that is dedicated to moving our mission to the next step. We are committed to building strong partnerships with organizations across the state to help us implement this strategy. Working together, we can create healthier residents, healthier communities and a healthier Connecticut.

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