Re: “Board of Regents gives final okay to tuition hikes” March 29, 2016.

I am writing to express my concern regarding the recent finalization of Connecticut public college tuition rising 3.5 to 5 percent next year. Since 2008, college tuition has been steadily increasing. As a graduate student this year, I have been affected by tuition rises since day one of my education. My concern is for students like me struggling with debt and bad credit to start our lives and careers.

It is very difficult being a student and juggling field work, school work, and still having time for a part-time job. Students like me are entering graduate school or their careers still in massive debt from taking out loans for their undergraduate degrees. Student aid and grants only go so far. Our paychecks, if we even have time for a job, are not rising either.

Education is extremely important for our future. Continuous tuition rise is going to restrict some individuals from even enrolling in advanced education. These rises are also going to cause extreme discouragement in choosing to advance.

I am writing in the hopes to express recognition that a long term solution to college tuition rises is desperately needed. I ask what we can do about this as a society.

Sarah Scagliola is a graduate student at the University of Connecticut.

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