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Sikorsky, Malloy cut tentative deal to produce new helicopter in Connecticut

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Lockheed Martin announced a tentative deal Monday to produce a new generation of Sikorsky heavy-lift helicopters in Connecticut at the cost of $220 million in financial incentives from the state and an agreement with its union workforce. The General Assembly is tentatively scheduled to consider the deal in special session Sept. 28.

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A clarion call for change for Connecticut’s children

Connecticut has finally taken a major step toward fair funding for all public school kids. Ruling on a case filed by the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding, Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher denounced the current public school funding formula as unconstitutional and mandated the creation of a new system. Connecticut’s public school funding formula has long denied thousands of students the resources they need to thrive, and, as Judge Moukawsher noted, has especially disadvantaged low-income students.

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Closing Connecticut’s real achievement gap

There‘s a lot of talk in Connecticut about closing the achievement gap between affluent students who are predominately white and poor students who are predominately black or brown, but there have been no effective actions taken and none are on the horizon.

Instead, Connecticut gave up its own well-founded state standards and adopted the narrow and inadequate Common Core Standards, called them rigorous which they are not, and gave students standardized tests to measure their achievement of those quite limited standards. Then Connecticut waited for the test scores to see if the impoverished would catch up to the affluent. They haven’t and they won’t.