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Posted inEducation

Average cost of child care in CT as much as in-state tuition

WASHINGTON — Child care in Connecticut is of good quality and widely available, but it can easily cost more than in-state college tuition. A report released this week by Washington, D.C., think tank New America, determined the average cost of in-home, or “nanny care” in Connecticut was $31,162 a year and the average cost of a day care center was $11,456 per child per year.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

A Clinton wins means what for Connecticut?

If Hillary Clinton wins the White House, what does that mean for Connecticut? As a result of the enthusiastic support for Clinton by Gov. Dannel Malloy and U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy as well as the rest of our congressional delegation, a Clinton win likely will mean increased power for our representatives in Washington. On a hardnosed economic basis it will be positive for Connecticut and our defense industry. …

Posted inPolitics

Clinton out-raises Trump in CT defense-industry campaign cash

WASHINGTON — Following a national trend, Connecticut’s defense workers and their bosses overwhelmingly gave to the campaign of Hillary Clinton while slighting that of Donald Trump. According to a Connecticut Mirror analysis, as of the end of August, the Clinton campaign raised more than $56,000 from individuals who work for the state’s defense industry, while the Trump campaign raised only $3,094.