As we come to the conclusion of another calendar year, we face the elimination of the State of Connecticut’s participation in funeral honors for our military fallen. Again, it’s a budget line item that exemplifies insensitivity and callousness toward the providers of our freedom and our way of life in this country.

Connecticut’s responsibility for the honors ceremony is to provide a rifle squad consisting of three shooters. These individuals provide their own uniforms and transportation and at times perform multiple services in one day to provide the proper respect to the fallen and their families. Most time they also bring a bugler to ensure the proper honors, as its not covered by the state.

We as a nation promote a high moral standard second to none, as proven by our losses around the world. To turn our backs on our responsibility is food for really thinking about whom one places in office at all levels.

This should be a mandated item that isn’t at risk on a regular basis. This season provides an overabundance of losses of life, and I reflect on the half dozen wakes and funerals that I have recently attended and am expressing to you the feelings present when one expresses ones condolences to the family and looks into their eyes.

It takes the edge off of their anguish and honors the service of their loved one. This is what we are all about and I for one want this rectified and have our leaders stand up for what’s right instead of a middle of the road position.

Priorities have been askew for a long time, so let’s start 2017 off on the right foot.

Ted Aub is the Connecticut State Coordinator: National League of POW/MIA Families, Chairman of the Madison/Guilford Veterans Advisory Committee and Vice President of the Iwo Jima Memorial Historical Society and Monument Park.

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