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The budget surplus which ended up actually being a deficit so cleverly hidden during Gov. Dannel Malloy’s first reelection campaign is now being heavily reexamined as Democratic legislators try to make up the deficit in any way they can, regardless of infringement on civil liberties of the average Nutmegger.

Malloy’s office has already proven that they see no issue in infringing upon the Second Amendment rights of everyday citizens by attempting to make gun permits and fees associated nearly three times the cost that they are currently.  Not only are Malloy and the Democratic party willing to infringe on constitutional rights, they are also emboldened enough to try and recoup the deficit through a tax on addicts and the lower classes who need help, not theft of income.

The Malloy budget proposes an additional 45 cents per pack tax on cigarettes which studies show have higher rates of use in poorer communities who are addicted to the product. The tax is being billed as a way to recoup money the state so desperately needs and as a public health benefit. However, economic burdens on addicts will only further cripple the people who need cessation help the most.

The latest Democratic ploy to infringe on personal choice comes in the form of House Bill 7314. This is an act concerning a potential once cent per ounce tax on any beverage which has added sweetener, to go toward “health related causes.”

It is clear by this point that Democratic politicians in the state house and in Washington have no respect for the civil liberties of everyday Americans and their personal choice to purchase legal products. This bill is devoid of any recognition of the negative consequences for business in the state nor the people who cannot afford continual tax hikes on the products they enjoy.

So, I would implore you the people of Connecticut to tell your representatives to vote no to House Bill 7314.

Daniel Bullock is an intern for the Connecticut Republican Party.

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