Did you know that in the United States every year, about 2.7 million cats and dogs have to be euthanized due to the fact that shelters are overpopulated? Connecticut has many animals that end up in shelters and need a forever home.

People should consider adopting a pet instead of buying a new family pet for many reasons. If you choose to adopt instead of shop, you can help save an animal’s life. Adopted animals also cost less, and pets that are adopted make great family pets. Adopting a pet is both beneficial for you and the animal.

People should choose to adopt an animal from a shelter because you can save them from being put down. When you adopt an animal, you decrease the number of animals that will be euthanized as well as the number remaining in the shelters. Also, when you adopt an animal you can give your new pet a second chance at life. Many of the animals in shelters come from neglectful homes or were abandoned. When you choose to adopt not shop, you are rescuing the animal from suffering again. Each year the Connecticut Humane Society holds a one-day event called Clear the Shelters where people can adopt an animal to give them a forever home and you can get the animal for a discounted price.

Animals that get adopted cost less than an animal from a breeder or a pet store. When you purchase an animal from a city shelter or from a rescue shelter, the fees for adoption can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, but these fees include many of the expenses involved of acquiring a new pet. Most animals that are in the shelters are already vaccinated, and most are spayed/neutered, trained, and housebroken. Ultimately, adopting an animal can save you up to $1,000. When you adopt an animal through Clear the Shelters, some of the fees will be waived or discounted to help give animals a new home.

When you get an animal from a shelter, you are likely to get a great animal. Dogs really are a man’s best friend and when you adopt a dog from a shelter, they will be sure to love you as much as you love them. Any animal that comes from a shelter is a great companion. You are in charge of what animal you will be bringing home, because each animal that comes into the shelters has a different personality.

Many people will argue that adoption is not better, because you are not getting a purebred or you aren’t adopting them when they are little. Although this may be the case, you can still find purebreds and animals that are young in shelters. Some people would prefer an animal that is already trained or housebroken, and others may want to do this themselves. Adoption may not be for everyone, but it is an option to consider and look into further. You could be a hero and save the life of an animal that deserves a second chance.
For more information log onto cthumane.org and help save a life today.

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