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A careful conversation with Justice Stephen G. Breyer

Justice Stephen G. Breyer knows the game. Without looking, Breyer knew exactly where he stood Thursday night throughout a 90-minute chat with CBS reporter Norah O’Donnell on the Bushnell stage, how close he was to boundaries beyond which a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court should not venture. Continue Reading →

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CT Guard joins Pentagon ramp up in Puerto Rico

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon beefed up its presence in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico Thursday and shifted its mission from search and rescue to relief – providing vital supplies of food and water. But a Connecticut lawmaker says that’s not enough and wants as many as 50,000 troops sent to the island. Continue Reading →

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Malloy to nominate two more Supreme Court justices

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Thursday he is reviewing choices to fill two vacancies on the Connecticut Supreme Court, his sixth and seventh appointments to the seven-seat court since taking office in January 2011. Justice Dennis G. Eveleigh reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70 on Monday. The other vacancy was created in July by the decision of Justice Carmen E. Espinosa to take senior status. Continue Reading →

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Congress to miss deadline to renew CT children’s health program

WASHINGTON — Congress will miss a Saturday deadline to renew a program that provides 17,000 Connecticut children with health care coverage, but, in its latest accounting, the state’s Department of Social Services says it has enough money to continue the program into next year. Continue Reading →

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Malloy vetoes budget, seeks ‘honest dialogue’

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy delivered Thursday on his vow to veto the Republican budget unexpectedly passed with a handful of Democratic votes, calling it a gimmick-laden measure that would consign Hartford to bankruptcy, devastate public higher education, invite certain lawsuits from state employees and add to Connecticut’s pension liabilities. Continue Reading →

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Court to hear school funding case amid discord over education aid

The Connecticut Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a once-in-a-generation lawsuit that could pave the way for major changes in how the state funds its public schools. Meanwhile, across the street, legislators and the governor are little closer to fixing the problems that prompted a scathing lower-court ruling more than a year ago. Continue Reading →

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The state of CT’s public schools in charts

The state’s public education system has reached a pivotal time. The Connecticut Supreme Court is set to hear arguments today in a landmark school-funding case. And with the state facing major projected deficits for the foreseeable future, it might take an order from the high court for much more money to reach Connecticut’s most impoverished districts. The court will be hearing an appeal from a ruling in which Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher found the state’s method of distributing aid to schools to be “irrational,” and thus unconstitutional. His ruling included a scathing indictment of the education students receive in the state’s most impoverished districts. Continue Reading →

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