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Trump tax plan would help CT businesses, but eliminate many personal tax breaks

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s tax plan, which he unveiled in Indiana Wednesday, would aid affluent individuals in Connecticut and lower the corporate income tax rate paid by many businesses in the state. But its impact on the state’s middle- and lower-income filers is unclear, in part because the tax plan would eliminate a number of popular deductions.

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At UConn, a case of slamming the door shut behind you

In times of need every university turns to its alumni for help and support. But what is a university like the University of Connecticut to do when among its alumni are state senators and representatives who would vote for a budget that cuts over $300 million from their own Alma Mater, a cut that, quite simply, amounts to the dismantling of a major public university?

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Why Gov. Malloy should sign the legislature’s budget bill

The State of Connecticut has no budget. That fact will surprise few. However, what may surprise some is that the General Assembly passed a budget that is bipartisan, introduces multiple long-term, cost-saving structural reforms, and, as Gov. Dannel P. Malloy often insisted, does not lead with new revenue in a state already overburdened with taxes. Why is that budget not already law?