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Connecticut alleges massive, routine price-fixing by pharma

Connecticut’s attorney general alleged a far-reaching price-fixing conspiracy by global and U.S. makers of generic drugs Tuesday in a complaint that greatly expands the scope of the lawsuit initiated by his office last year and eventually joined by most other states. “The allegations of our complaint are shocking, and the depth and breadth of the conspiracies alleged are mind-blowing,” Attorney General George Jepsen said.

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Acknowledging childhood trauma — a growing movement in Connecticut

Imagine sitting in a room with 360 other people. Now imagine that 95 percent of these people are women. Indeed, the room is filled with chatter, laughter, and anticipation. The room is in a downtown Waterbury hotel and occupied by pre-school and kindergarten teachers, home daycare providers, and administrators. The women, and the handful of men, have come to kick off an important movement in Waterbury: to make early childhood care more aware of and informed about the prevalence and impact of trauma. Specifically, how traumatic experiences influences the lives of the young children they work with.

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Murphy needs a chaperone when traveling outside the U.S.

Chris Murphy cannot be trusted, here or abroad, because he puts his own political interests ahead of America. The freshmen Senator from Connecticut needs a chaperone. Chris Murphy just traveled alone to Estonia and Ukraine – two NATO allies. Sen. Ron Johnson (R) could not make the trip. Unfortunately Sen. Murphy took his partisan baggage with him and chose not to stand up for American interests but instead he openly embraced criticism of our country and policies. Standing up for America is not in Chris Murphy’s DNA.