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Domestic violence, at epidemic level, can be financial, too

October was domestic violence awareness and prevention month across the country and here in Greenwich. Domestic violence occurs when one partner intimidates, manipulates or threatens the other in order to establish dominance. While most people think only of physical abuse when they consider domestic violence, financial abuse is largely overlooked in the dialogue about domestic violence. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, financial abuse is experienced by 94 to 99 percent of domestic violence survivors and occurs across all socio-economic, educational, racial and ethnic groups. Yet, according to the Allstate Foundation, 78 percent of Americans have not heard of financial abuse as a dimension of domestic violence.

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Urban school districts still don’t have equal access to digital tools and education

I teach at Bulkeley High School in Hartford and so often I find students who lack even the most basic digital literacy skills. Asking students to log into an online platform will take 15 minutes. Organizing documents in Google Drive will take even longer. These are the basic skills which a governmental commission has frequently reiterated from the year 2005 to the present. If this objective has stood for 12 years –the standard measure of time for a student to be enrolled in K to 12 education –– why is it that my students are still coming to me without even the most basic skills in digital literacy?