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His Connecticut education improvement plan: ‘Look to Massachusetts’

Mark McQuillan says he knows what Connecticut needs to change if it is to improve the education provided to students from impoverished homes: Look to Massachusetts. The former state commissioner of education worked in Massachusetts before coming here, and during this Sunday conversation with The Mirror, he explains why he was unsuccessful in putting Connecticut on the same path that led to Massachusetts’ success. Continue Reading →

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Legislature’s New Year resolution: Close the deficit

With a special session that opened Friday and will continue into the New Year, the General Assembly is resuming work on a flawed bipartisan budget. Legislative leaders said they first will restore a $54 million cut to a Medicare assistance program — then open bipartisan talks about how to tackle the broader problem of closing a projected deficit, one pegged at $222.5 million. Continue Reading →

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A liberal grades his colleagues: ‘I’m not here to make friends’

Josh Elliott arrived at the State Capitol last January as a disrupter, the young liberal with the short spiky hair who had the temerity to challenge to House Speaker J. Brendan Sharkey for the Democratic nomination. His goal for 2018 is to help other liberal outsiders do what he did in 2016: Challenge incumbent Democrats he sees as insufficiently progressive. “I’m not here to make friends,” he says. Continue Reading →

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With Twitter account, Ganim is a candidate for governor

There are many ways to become a candidate for governor under state law. One of them is to do what Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim did Wednesday: Open a Twitter account under the name, “Joe Ganim for Governor.” (Update: the Twitter account went inactive Thursday, but Ganim’s texted reply to an effort to clarify his gubernatorial status was concise: “In.”) Continue Reading →

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Malloy: Time to stretch out spiking teacher pension costs

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has called on state lawmakers to restructure Connecticut’s contributions into its cash-starved teacher pension fund, deferring some expenses for decades but mitigating huge, projected cost spikes in the coming 15 years. Continue Reading →

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A taxing week in Washington delivers a Christmas gift to business

It has been a taxing week in Washington – literally and, for some, figuratively – and not without its headaches in Connecticut, too. The big development, of course, was the Republican Party’s passage of a huge tax reform bill that will bring big benefits to business, some temporary relief to the middle class, and a projected $1.5 trillion in additional debt for a future Congress to worry about. Continue Reading →

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