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Posted inMoney, Politics

CT senators vow to fight for more aid for Puerto Rico

WASHINGTON – Congress is about to resume a bitter dispute about how much more federal help to provide Puerto Rico, where many residents are still without electricity or functioning schools or hospitals more than a hundred days after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, who just visited the island, said they are committed to sharply increasing aid to Puerto Rico.

Posted inEducation, Money

Top state education officials say there is nowhere left to cut

Top state education officials said they have concluded that cuts would place the state in danger of violating federal laws, including those governing the education of students with disabilities. State aid to local districts already has been cut enough, they said. But the state is anticipating large budget deficits, and the administration would not commit to protecting education from reductions.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

The Citizens Election Program is at risk again

Word is that a number of our legislators want to slice funding for the Citizens Election Program and/or the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC), by 25 percent. The cuts would not make a dent in the state’s $208 million budget shortfall, but could be devastating to programs that in the past decade have made our elections cleaner and more competitive and our lawmakers more connected to the people they represent. Anyone who wants Connecticut to continue to lead the nation toward cleaner, truly fair elections, and not slip backwards toward corruption of, by, and for special interests instead of government of, by and for the people must speak up now. Action could come as early as this week.