Malloy on a snow day in 2015. CTMIRROR.ORG
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on a snow day in 2015. CTMIRROR.ORG

It’s going to snow Wednesday. It’ll be on television.

One of the angles that may be covered is the impact of snow removal on the state budget. TV reporters periodically ask Gov. Dannel P. Malloy about the snow budget.

This line of questioning seldom fails to either annoy or amuse the governor, depending on his mood. On Tuesday, it seemed to do both when a TV reporter told Malloy he had a question.

“About what?” asked Malloy.

“Snow,” replied the reporter.

“Sure,” Malloy said. “Yeah, you can ask a silly question, and you’ll get a silly answer. How’s that?”

Fine, apparently.

“We’ve got some snow coming tomorrow,” the reporter said. “How are we right now with the state budget concerning the impending weather?”

Deadpan, Malloy replied, “You know, we’re in such tough shape we’re not going to remove the snow from the streets.”

There was a long pause after this answer, about five seconds. Malloy stared into the camera. He didn’t smile.

“Any other questions?” Malloy said.

There was another, shorter pause.

“The reality is of course we’re going to do our job removing the snow and keeping people safe,” Malloy said, finally smiling. “We’re going to respond to this occurrence like we responded to every other occurrence.”

Mark is the Capitol Bureau Chief and a co-founder of CT Mirror. He is a frequent contributor to WNPR, a former state politics writer for The Hartford Courant and Journal Inquirer, and contributor for The New York Times.

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