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President Ojakian, the NEASC rejection is not devastating after all

A few months ago, the Connecticut Mirror afforded me the opportunity to be one of the first critics to “come out” on the misguided initiative called “Students First” led by Mark Ojakian, president of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, and his benevolent Board of Regents.  May the good Lord afford them some compassion for the wasted time we all had to invest on this.  It has drained many of us. I could have retrieved many more Puerto Rican students displaced from Hurricane Maria if I was not so distracted by this bad mix of ideas and pure scorn towards the system I have been part of for the last 28 years.

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State leaders must act to create sustainable, equitable, inclusive growth

Whatever your opinion on the recommendations set forth in the recently released report from the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth, the alternative being the status quo, is demonstrably worse.  The report confirms well-known facts about the structural issues that threaten the vitality of our state and makes a compelling case for a comprehensive, long view approach to addressing them.

The report also makes clear that there is no viable way forward without shared sacrifice. 

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Cheap oil and gasoline: Enjoy them while you can

Tired of paying $3 or more for a gallon of gasoline? Well, your pain has just begun. For decades, we’ve lived — and driven — in denial, somehow assuming we have the “right” to cheap gasoline, and therefore, low-cost transportation. Now it’s time to face reality and consider what will happen when — not if — gas hits $10 a gallon, not because of taxes, but because we will use up the planet’s petroleum. Here are some predictions: