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CT senators say Trump administration blocked visit with immigrant kids

Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy say they were prevented by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from touring a facility in Groton on Friday that houses immigrant children. “This denial of access to a facility in our own state is outrageous, and we will keep doing everything we can to support Noank and to reunite these kids with their families,” the senators said. Continue Reading →

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CT Dems seek political boost from Supreme Court fight

WASHINGTON – The prospect of a bruising battle over a Supreme Court nominee will permeate many political campaigns this year, including some in Connecticut, where Democrats are using the prospect of another Trump-appointed justice as an issue that will help them organize and raise money. Continue Reading →

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Despite investigation, Obsitnik not giving up on public financing

The Republican gubernatorial campaign of Steve Obsitnik said Friday that the investigation opened Wednesday by the State Elections Enforcement Commission does not rule out eventual approval of its application for $1.35 million in public financing under the Citizens’ Election Program. But Obsitnik’s campaign manager also conceded it has no contingency if the money is not approved in coming weeks. Continue Reading →

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Insurgents look to N.Y.’s Ocasio-Cortez as trail blazer

From New York to Los Angeles, insurgent and outsider candidates latched onto Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, trying to connect to the 28-year-old community organizer and Democratic Socialist who stunned the political world this week by beating the U.S. House’s fourth-ranking Democrat in a congressional primary in New York City. In Connecticut, the Ocasio-Cortez victory nudged the Working Families Party closer towards dropping its neutrality in a Democratic primary. Continue Reading →

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DMV improves some wait times, lines still long at main branches

Wethersfield DMV-goers endure two-hour wait times.

Michael Thomas was suffering through a two-and-a-half hour wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Wethersfield on a recent afternoon when Gov. Dannel P. Malloy appeared on the TV  in the corner of the crowded, dingy room. Thomas watched as Malloy cut the ribbon for the DMV’s newly opened self-serve licensing renewal kiosks in Milford, and sighed. “I still have 15 minutes to go,” Thomas said, glancing over at a monitor that displayed the customer wait time. “If I had to drive longer just to wait a shorter wait time, I would do it.”

If Thomas lived on the shoreline, he might have shortened his wait by a couple of hours. But for Wethersfield DMV customers, a long wait is a common experience, with lines akin to those at a Disney World theme park.  

While lines snake through DMV’s regular branches, however, Milford’s self-serving kiosks, or Express Centers, boast a much shorter trickle of customers whose wait time averages no more than 20 minutes. Continue Reading →

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House okays defense bill, but rejects Courtney’s sub bid

Washington – The U.S. House on Thursday rejected Rep. Joe Courtney’s bid to require the Pentagon to spend an additional $1 billion this year for additional Virginia-class submarines made by Electric Boat, a move strongly opposed by the Defense Department. The Pentagon successfully argued that spending more on the Electric Boat-made subs would siphon off funds from other military priorities.
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SCOTUS ruling on unions echoes loudly in Connecticut

A U.S. Supreme Court decision Wednesday that weakens public-sector unions, whose members are the largest segment of organized labor and an influential Democratic ally in Connecticut politics, became an instant rallying point in the mid-term elections and potential wedge issue in the race to succeed Gov. Dannel P. Malloy as governor. Continue Reading →

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U.S. House set to settle Courtney dispute with Pentagon over sub production

WASHINGTON – Rep. Joe Courtney will go head to head with the Pentagon on Thursday over the number of submarines the Pentagon should buy. “Two subs” Joe wants the Pentagon to increase procurement from two to three in certain years; a top Pentagon official says that would divert money from other programs and opposes the move. Continue Reading →

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Murphy says GOP should adhere to ‘Merrick rule’ with new Supreme Court pick

Washington — President Donald Trump has not named a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced his retirement Wednesday, but that hasn’t stopped Sen. Chris Murphy from saying he’ll block the president’s pick. Continue Reading →

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