The op-ed that was published in the New York Times last week confirmed what most Americans already knew – that President Donald Trump is incompetent, ignorant and dangerous. The identity of the White House official who wrote that editorial should absolutely not be named by the newspaper and should most certainly stay in the job and continue to protect our county from its worst enemy.

In their predictably blind-eye response, Republican lawmakers and White House spokespeople are calling the editorial’s author a coward, but just the opposite is true. This person is a courageous and patriotic American and history will see it that way.

“Deep Throat,” who helped Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein bring down a corrupt president, did what was necessary to keep our democracy from becoming a shambles. And Nixon was a minor-leaguer compared to the crime boss currently in the White House.

Having people in the West Wing trying to contain the damage that Trump is capable of doing is even more important now that the Senate Republicans, who care about nothing except remaining in power, are about to hand the Putin wannabe his get-out-of-jail-free card, courtesy of Brett Kavanaugh, whose confirmation will assure Trump that he can go on committing crimes without fear of impeachment, indictment or imprisonment.

In the face of that kind of threat, we need people of conscience to use their voice and vote to protect our laws and institutions.

Paul Bluestein lives in Bridgeport.

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