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CT sexual assault victims back Kavanaugh accuser

Victims of sexual assault in Connecticut on Thursday joined others across the country in backing Christine Blasey Ford, a college professor who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault decades ago when both were attending a teenage party. Meanwhile, Ford’s lawyers began negotiations with Senate Republicans regarding the conditions on her testimony.

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After CJTS closure, juvenile detention officer injuries increase

Employees at the state’s two juvenile detention centers are being injured and going out on workers’ compensation at significantly higher rates than usual, leading to increased risks for the remaining staff and the children held in the facilities, union officials say. Those able-bodied staff remaining are left to work mandated overtime shifts multiple times a week, resulting in exhaustion and potentially unsafe conditions for the juveniles housed in Bridgeport and Hartford.

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A decade of delays, $23 million spent, as state makes fourth try for health information exchange

The idea of a single health information exchange across the state of Connecticut seems simple: Gather all health information in one place and make it available to every practitioner involved with a single patient to provide the best care possible. Unfortunately, in Connecticut this process has been anything but simple. Instead, it has been enormously expensive and time-consuming — costing the state $23 million and 11 years of work which, to this date, have yet to produce an exchange.