After careful deliberation, I have decided to pursue a run for the United States Congress in the 5th Congressional District of Connecticut as an independent conservative WRITE-IN candidate.

My decision came as a result of receiving numerous emails and the outpouring of support from our citizens asking me not to give up, but instead continue to run and fight. Over and over I have heard, “we need an outsider who is willing to challenge the status quo.”

Unfortunately, our nation is stuck in a never ending cycle of partisan politics which aims to keep outsiders out and to ensure that political insiders win. The time has come to break free from this political trap that many Connecticut voters feel stuck in by having to select only political party candidates.

That’s why more voters, especially millennials, are shunning political parties in greater and greater measure. Unaffiliated voters are the largest voting block in Connecticut and sadly, have no real representation. I plan on giving them that representation.

Connecticut voters are disgusted with the insider politics and I totally understand. I share the same sentiment with so many voters in the 5th District. The intentional boxing out of those who are not political insiders or part of the establishment is something that our country has already spoken to clearly when they elected President Donald Trump.

Connecticut party politics is marred by the same divisiveness and dysfunction as in Washington. Connecticut needs an independent outsider who is not part of the political establishment and someone that is not jaded or swayed by party politics, nor content with the status quo.

The 5th Congressional District needs someone who is willing to put the interest of the American people and our country first. It is time for us to allow civil engagement to win over “the get nothing done political favoritism.” It’s time to put an end to Connecticut insider politics that has resulted in the chronic losing in the 5th District. We need to stand up to the “you must play along, to get along” and “business as usual” politics that have seen our state spiral downward.

If we continue on the same political course the results will not change. Let’s refuse to allow the Connecticut political parties to monopolize people’s electoral choice. The silent majority want an alternate choice. Regardless of our party affiliation, Connecticut voters should have an alternate choice and I plan on giving it to them!

It’s time for a citizen legislator who puts common-sense policies and people over party politics. It’s time for a citizen legislator who will be a representative of the people. Let’s blaze a new path together based on common sense policies that put the interest of the people before the wishes of the political insiders. We can change all that and we must change all that!

We have an opportunity to fill the seat vacated by Democrat Elizabeth Esty with an independent. I believe I am that viable candidate who is willing to fight for that Congressional seat all the way to November’s election. My traditional Christian values and conservative principles have never changed. I have your back and I will not sell my soul for self-advancement!

Let’s join those who have already made history as write-in candidates like Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Senator Strom Thurmond. Let’s add another name to that list. JOHN PISTONE!

John Pistone unsuccessfully petitioned to become an independent candidate for election to the 5th Congressional District.

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