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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Calling on Democrats to lead on education in 2019

This year in Connecticut, voters decisively chose Democrats to lead in Hartford because they recognized that we are the party that will move our state forward. Many races this fall were won on “progressive” values, and “progress” is rooted in change. The new Lamont administration is taking shape and preparing to govern, and the General Assembly is heading back to work in Hartford with strong Democratic majorities in both houses. These Democrats must answer the call of voters when it comes to change for Connecticut’s students. Social safety net priorities like health care, affordable housing, and civil rights have always been at the core of what Democrats stand for and have sought to improve. Opportunity through education must be on this list as well.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Lowering the standards for teachers is bad policy

I am concerned with the content of the article written by Jacqueline Rabe Thomas [Dec. 10,, “Increase in Minority Teachers Not Keeping Pace with Influx of Minority Students”].  The article advocated hiring more racial minority teachers, by means including lowering the required teacher qualifications, as a measure to boost the performances of racial minority students.  While its intent was probably benign, it looked at the wrong direction for a solution.

Posted inCities & Towns, Education, Health, Housing, Money, News, Politics, Transportation

Connecticut faces long crawl out of wealth extremes, crushing debt

Whether it’s expanding access to education and health care, rebuilding roads and cities or making taxes fairer, leaders have many ideas to reduce wealth inequality and promote prosperity. But they remain uncertain about how to solve this crisis while Connecticut simultaneously grapples with a historic debt burden that also threatens its future.