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How about closing the carried-interest loophole, Gov?

Last week, Gov. Ned Lamont floated the idea of applying sales taxes to groceries as he seeks to bring our state out of its fiscal crisis. I suggest, as others did, that this is not the way forward. Taxing groceries strikes working families where it hurts the most. Families living at or near the poverty line spend most of their money on food, transportation, and housing. Raising the cost of living for those already struggling to get by simply does not make sense.

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Expand Connecticut’s bottle bill, reduce plastic waste

The amount of plastic produced since 2010 is more than was produced during the whole last century. Packaging amounts for 40 percent of the plastic uses. Because plastics do not biodegrade easily, they fill up landfills and end up in our oceans.  In the ocean the plastic eventually breaks down into small particles where they can be taken up by fish and thus can enter the human food chain.

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A cult on a global suicide mission

The Republican Party is a cult, much like the one Jim Jones led, only their agenda is suicide for the entire planet. According the latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, ¨written by 91 authors and 40 review editors, it features 133 contributing authors, 6,000 scientific references, and was subject to over 42,000 expert and government review comments before publication.¨ we have 12 years left until the point of no return.

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America’s growing existential threat

President Donald Trump’s recent public ridicule of the reports before the Congress by our nation’s three major intelligence agencies is unparalleled in our nation’s modern history… and utterly anguished our intelligence community writ large. Our intelligence leaders outlined that we face an unprecedented potential adversary — the developing China-Russia axis. With a combined population of five to six times that of America, it has formidable industrial and military capabilities.