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Posted inCT Viewpoints

The company our president keeps

It has been recognized for millennia, since Aesop: you know a man by the company he keeps. Does he hang out with, or hire liars? Does he feel very badly for a convicted felon, a philanderer, and tax cheat? Does he confess to falling in love with arguably the most despicable despot on the planet after their first date? What can be gleaned from the company our president keeps?

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Nuclear plants will require ever-increasing subsidies

Decades ago, before the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or Fukushima catastrophes, a major selling point for nuclear energy was proponents said it was “Too Cheap To Meter.” While relatively low priced for the power, the capital cost was high. When the cost of Millstone III got out of hand, the Connecticut legislature capped the cost after which ratepayers would not be responsible. It is also informative that the state provided tax-free bonding for $90 million for pollution control project which could be considered an early subsidy.

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Don’t legalize pot

On March 16, a press conference opposing legalizing marijuana was held in Wallingford, with remarks by Mayor William Dickinson, North Haven’s First Selectman Michael Freda, State Sen. Len Fasano, Reps Mary Mushinsky and Craig Fishbein, the Rev. Todd Foster of New Haven, 19-year-old Jordan Davidson, and others. In my opinion, media coverage of its intent – opposing legalization of marijuana – generally was lacking, and it seemed to give more exposure to marijuana proponents than to those opposed.