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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Equal Pay Day next year should be April 1

Equal Pay Day arrived for women on April 2 this year. According to gender rights advocates, the average woman must add to her 2018 income three months of work in 2018 to make as much as the average white man made in 2018. In other words, a woman in Connecticut only makes 83 percent of what a man makes in income. Black and Latina women are even more disadvantaged compared to white men. Oddly, the wages of black and Hispanic men seem to be excluded from the calculations for black and Hispanic women.

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Splashing in the kiddie pool of college consolidation

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of waves and splashing emanating from the Connecticut State College and Universities office in Hartford.  Why?  Because they are flailing in every direction to defend their poorly conceived plan to consolidate all of Connecticut’s community colleges into one monolithic institution.  It has been easy for the waves to grow large and the splashing so furious, mainly because the depth of the pool in which they are playing is so shallow.

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Legal recreational weed is NOT the ‘right thing for the state’

“Lamont predicts state will pass bills” (Courant, April 3).  The bill aimed to legalize marijuana for recreational use, according to the governor is “the right thing for the state.”  This is another example of the governor not thinking an issue through. If he and the legislators thought this bill through, it would not have gotten this far.  If their minds were right, they would not want to make this drug more readily available to:  1. make the roads less safe, 2. facilitate another addictive drug crisis, and  3. decimate lives.

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Government officials shouldn’t take sides in labor disputes

Various news reports from this past weekend have shown Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Lt. Gov. Susan Bysewicz, New Haven Mayor Toni Harp (and possibly others) speaking on behalf of the striking Stop & Shop workers. Stop & Shop management and the labor union have been in contract negotiations, but their differences are still unresolved. Therefore, why are our elected officials taking sides in any labor/management dispute if there is no illegal action taking place?