“Lamont predicts state will pass bills” (Courant, April 3).  The bill aimed to legalize marijuana for recreational use, according to the governor is “the right thing for the state.”  This is another example of the governor not thinking an issue through.

If he and the legislators thought this bill through, it would not have gotten this far.  If their minds were right, they would not want to make this drug more readily available to:  1. make the roads less safe, 2. facilitate another addictive drug crisis, and  3. decimate lives.

The safety risks of marijuana are:  1. impaired judgement, 2.impaired motor coordination, 3. impaired attention and concentration, and 4. impaired perception.

The physical and mental risks are:  1. addiction, 2. gateway to stronger drugs, 3. brain and lung damage, and 4. memory loss, schizophrenia, paranoia, mood and psychotic disorders.

The social risk is the decimation of lives by causing: 1. lower satisfaction of life, 2. relationship problems, and 3. lower academic and career success.

So, does the governor think “this is the right thing for the state,” as far as, making the roads less safe, increasing health risks, and decimating lives?

If the legislators had done the needed unbiased research of in-depth interviews with doctors, educators, state and local police chiefs for their opinions and evaluation of the impact of making marijuana more readily available, this bill would not have gotten this far.

Is marijuana going to make Connecticut a better place ?  Absolutely not.  End this bill.

Bob Gaynor lives in Wethersfield.

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  1. Its not about the dangers of marijuana its about the money that the democrats want to legalize it for.public safety comes in a sad second place

  2. I can assure you that the governor has done plenty of research into the impact this will have. Judging by your statements and reasoning, you appear to have done very little real research into the matter.

  3. I respect that you have a right to an opinion, but it seems as though it’s being built based on a false narrative of marijuana. Please do research on the effects of legalization in other states.

  4. This is extremely ridiculous and inaccurate. Marijuana is not classified as a gateway drug anymore. Want to see gateway drugs? Take a look at tobacco and alcohol, which destroy families and communities almost everywhere. As for social effects of marijuana, those are all COMPLETELY subjective. It is also ignorant to believe a “drug crisis” could unfold with this PLANT since there are 0 recorded overdoses in history; Meanwhile we have 100+ overdoses daily from legal prescription opioids. Keep popping pills from big pharma and suffering under this NWO bs. Legalize it already.

  5. The drug war has been an abysmal failure on all fronts. We have destroyed lives by spending money on needless incarceration. Legalize cannabis and sell it where alcohol and tobacco is sold. Use the tax revenue for education.

  6. Sounds like you grew up between the 60s and 80s with the lies. Its a whole new world out there. Those days have long past my friend.

  7. Mr Gaynor cannot think out of the politically correct box,he’s not facing reality. The Drug War has cost more than he thinks. Legalization changes nothing about use but clears our jails and lets potheads pay with money from their jobs,instead of from robberies.

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