Joseph Bentivegna MD starts his exhaustingly partisan rant [about U.S. Rep. Jim Himes’ call for an impeachment inquiry] claiming Democrats need to “mollify their rabid base.” His opinions are riddled with nastiness in absence of facts. It is clear to me that the doctor failed to read the Mueller report. All healthcare practitioners must use evidence-based practice, but Dr. Bentivegna, with all his years of education, “evidence-based” must have slipped his mind.

Donald Trump is in fact “Individual One” as an un-indicted co-conspirator in a felony for which his partner is in jail. It seems, we cannot indict a sitting president according to Department of Justice rules that contradict our Constitution that clearly states “no man is above the law.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigated “criminal conspiracy,” but could not prove intent without the testimony Trump refused to give. Mueller did not investigate collusion, but our President clearly stated he is willing to commit another felony, collude with, and/ or accept foreign interference in our election to help him win again.

That, Dr. Bentivegna, is intent.

As for criminal obstruction, Mueller was restrained by DOJ rules that explicitly prohibit indicting a sitting President. He clearly stated he would have exonerated Trump, but could not. Given your venomous and flawed arguments based on your hostility toward Democrats, I would not be your patient. I fear my care would be at the mercy of your cash flow and expressed disdain of “rabid” Democrats… not evidence-based practice.

Cheryl Steward lives in South Windsor.

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  1. How can you ignore the fact that the entire investigation was based off a document that was fictionally written by a person who was paid by Hillary and the Dems and then pushed through the system by corruption at the highest levels of the FBI? This should be concerning to every American regardless of what party you side with. These politicians are not held responsible for their actions and act without regard for the people they represent. Until they do it doesn’t matter which side you choose because the outcome will be the same.

    1. Hi Jay, in the interest of fostering deeper discussion on this subject, can you provide reliable news citations to support your claims about the Steele dossier and “corruption at the highest levels of the FBI?”

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