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Compliance with accreditation standards not optional

If you wrote a 90-page report, a term paper perhaps, and you got back six pages of comments from your professor that repeated points of the original question that your report was meant to answer, would you call the instructor’s comments:

A. A polite but pointed hint that you missed the point of the question.

B. A suggestion to try again – harder;

C. A “roadmap” for points of interest you had missed;

D. All of the above?

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Rapinoe’s immature behavior is not activism

Megan Rapinoe’s profanity-accented and premature refusal to travel to the White House if the USWNT won the Women’s World Cup has been extensively reported.  Since the story first broke, arguments have raged both in the media and on social media about whether her statements reflect positively or poorly on her patriotism and professionalism. To me, this conversation is irrelevant.  I don’t doubt for a moment her patriotism or her professionalism as a footballer, but I seriously question her maturity.