My name is Jon Petoskey and I am a candidate of the Town Council. I am a husband, father, and community leader. I am Native American, our tribe’s headquarters is in beautiful Petoskey, Michigan. I am a graduate of Albertus Magnus College and Eastern Connecticut State University. I have 30+ years of leadership experience. I considered myself a Reagan Democrat as a life-long independent until the last presidential election when I registered with the Republican Party to vote against the eventual nominee. Unaffiliated voters are the ones I feel closest to.

I am running for Town Council to give back to East Hartford.

Jon Petoskey

I am running for Town Council because,

  • I imagine being a part of a Republican led Town Council that lets all developers know “East Hartford is open for business!” Declaring that East Hartford will no longer be a nightmare for developers and contractors. This will allow our tax base to grow.
  • Our mill rate must go down. Voters of East Hartford, hear this Republican council candidate, reducing the mill rate is possible!
  • We must continue our pursuit of excellence in education; Our investment in our children must remain a top priority, as they truly are our future.
  • I believe we can do more to honor and engage our seniors and veterans. They deserve a great senior center – in their lifetime!
  • We have young adults, singles and married couples, who can be empowered to make a difference in their world.
  • I’m tired of token efforts by the establishment, like posing for a photo just before the last municipal election, announcing the Shoppes at Rentschler Field but then three days after, slipping in the back pages of the paper that the developer was $10 million short. That was a last straw. The 2019 strategy is to stack all the road improvement projects in the four months prior to the election.

East Hartford deserves a town leadership team that works for we, the people, for an entire term; not just when it’s time to get reelected. Your property tax should be a greater concern to town leaders than their pension and perks.

If you will give a Republican majority on the Town Council a chance we will work for you. It’s an honor to be nominated, and if elected, I will do my best to serve with honor and integrity.

Jon Petoskey is a candidate for East Hartford Town Council.

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