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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Five goals for 5G in Connecticut

We have all heard the promises and potential of the future of 5G. The advance marketing is promising five times faster response and 100 times faster loading time. 5G promises to change the world through virtual and augmented reality applications, connect the “Internet of Things” and allow communication to driverless vehicles. Gov. Ned Lamont has stated that 5G is “a matter of equity and workforce development.”

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Cutting retirement benefits to teachers is no solution to our education crisis

We face a crisis in education: we are recruiting and retaining too few teachers. Only 30% of teachers stay for ten years, the time required to vest in the Teachers’ Retirement System. Why is this happening? There are many reasons. The ever-increasing demands on the time and energy of teachers certainly is a factor. So is the low comparative salary.

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State’s rail car plan cements sub-par service

Connecticut DOT’s recent announcement of plans to buy new rail cars for the Hartford Line, Shore Line East, and the Danbury and Waterbury Branches was met with enthusiasm from riders who have grown tired of putting up with slow, outdated, and unreliable trains. But while riders may think they’re finally getting their due – in fact DOT’s plan will ensure that Connecticut’s branch lines, and the struggling cities they serve, suffer sub-par service for decades more.