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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Sex change in a small Connecticut town

If you think men and women are fundamentally equal in America, try this. Open Google and in the search box, type: your vote is your voice. Then click on the IMAGES tab, scroll down, and you’ll see something striking. Hundreds of graphics appear, dominated by male images. A man’s sleeve, a man’s hand, a man’s mouth shouting, a figure of a man in a suit, and a giant hand of a man being held up by what appears to be dozens more men. A man stuffing a ballot box. A man lecturing. A man holding a protest sign. A superhero image, in the shape of a man.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

A new vision for West Hartford

As a first-time candidate, I am excited to be the first-ever Working Families Party candidate, on Row C. I am running to represent the diverse, working people in our community who feel like they don’t have a seat at the table. Although West Hartford remains one of the best places to live in Connecticut, our town has struggled to respond to the needs of many residents effectively.

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Restoring the missing middle: an affordable housing plan for Hartford

We all need a place to live in. For many families, housing remains one of the biggest, and most critical, monthly expenses, one that has an impact on everything from their health to their children’s education. Cities must ensure that residents have access to housing that is both affordable, well-maintained, and has good access to jobs and services. This is the one policy that policymakers should make a priority to get it right.