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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Response of the resilient

From an outsider’s perspective, nurses are often admired for their strength and courage.  However, as a seasoned nurse, I can honestly say these same qualities have been taken advantage of.  What sets the nursing role apart from others in the medical field is that its core values revolve around a strict code of ethics and holistic patient centered care. Nurses, inherently put their patients before themselves.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Crowdfunding our way out of transportation gridlock.

While I continue to believe a user fee is the best way to address the poor condition of roads and bridges in Connecticut (rated a “C-” by the American Society of Civil Engineers), here is a novel idea for those against tolls/increases in the gas tax: crowdfunding. Albeit my knowledge of the topic is rather limited (I am familiar with crowdfunding as it relates to real estate given my profession), I do think it would make some sense to at least broach the topic for conversation.