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Charter schools ‘literally starving’ for state funds says school leader

Over the past few years, Dacia Toll, co-CEO of the charter organization Achievement First, has been forced to economize by cutting teaching positions, curriculum budgets, field trips, after-school programs, and teacher coaching. Now she is proposing an even more draconian measure — shutting down a school building and squeezing students from that school into another. […]

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How Connecticut moved from institutions to families

In response to a large influx of children into state care in the late 1990s resulting from tragedies that spawned fear within the agency, Connecticut developed a sprawling system of institutional settings to have enough “placements.” In January 2011, almost 30 percent of Connecticut children in care lived in an institution. By January 2019, less than 8 percent of children in care were living in an institution and of those who remained there, many have complex medical needs.

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Understanding CT’s community college graduation rates

The proposed consolidation of Connecticut’s 12 community colleges began as a strategy to save money, but recently, the proponents are trying to justify their plan using the excuse of reportedly low graduation and completion rates.   Although the improvement of these indicators will always be a worthy and necessary goal, it is also essential to expose that the current method for reporting graduation and completion rates at community colleges is not appropriate or even fair.