Traffic in Fairfield County

As we said when Gov. Ned Lamont released his revised transportation plan on November 7, a modern, safe, multi-modal transportation infrastructure is a key component of a thriving economy, and Connecticut has suffered from a lack of sufficient investment.

We commend the governor for pushing hard to make transportation a top priority, and for putting forward a thoughtful, comprehensive plan that utilizes low-interest federal dollars to fund major upgrades to our highway and rail systems, as well as strategic investments in regional airports.

As an organization, we have always believed that the best results are achieved when both political parties work together to pull the best ideas from each side of the aisle.

Both Democratic and Republican caucuses have voiced support for enacting a comprehensive transportation initiative. We now have, in addition to the governor’s plan, a proposal from the Senate Republican caucus with another expected from House Republicans, and we thank them for bringing their ideas forward.

All publicized plans recognize that the essential elements of the governor’s proposal, from utilizing federal low-interest loans to the identified infrastructure projects, are good ideas. There are differences in the proposed funding mechanisms, but we now have constructive ideas on the table.

The legislature and the administration must seek compromise and unite behind a funding plan that will provide the resources necessary to rebuild and modernize our infrastructure to move Connecticut’s economy forward, while ensuring all transportation dollars are safeguarded and spent in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

It is critical that the legislature show a sense of urgency and act now to pass a comprehensive transportation infrastructure plan.

Joe Brennan is the CEO of The Connecticut Business & Industry Association.

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  1. Mr. Brennan, we all would like to believe in the tooth fairy and if your comment is to further the heavy lobbying of the construction trades that will benefit from billions of dollars of state money, what is your position on a funding mechanism?

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