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Will disabled and others in need ever become a state priority?

Once again, as we begin a new decade, Connecticut’s non-profits are at the mercy of state budget adjustments. One reason is that policymakers do not understand the importance of human services and why they are essential in our (their) communities. Human services are often perceived as charity for people who have not taken advantage of their opportunities, not worked hard enough and made poor decisions. It is believed that it’s their own “fault” that they need help. These assumptions are flat out wrong.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Once upon a time in Connecticut

To my white friends here in Connecticut. Here’s a story of how white supremacy and structural racism are passed down to the next generation of our children: Once upon a time… a developer is approved, using some state and federal dollars, to build “affordable” apartments in a predominantly, white wealthy suburban town that borders a predominantly black and brown, low-income city. The apartments are to be located near the border of the two municipalities because zoning in the white town restricts multi-family apartments to only one neighborhood.