Connecticut's complex justice issues, unpacked

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Will black women be celebrated on the anniversary of suffrage?

One hundred years ago— for the first time in history— African American women in Hartford went to the polls. It was November 2, 1920. Black women turned out in larger numbers than black men; the total number of white women who voted surpassed that of white men. All women had just won equal suffrage, and were determined to act on that new freedom and the political power it might provide.

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Pew: CT leads most states in ensuring good return on business incentives

Between grants, low-interest loans and tax breaks, Connecticut provides hundreds of millions of dollars annually in incentives to help businesses survive — and sometimes to expand — in a high-cost state. And while these incentives remain a perpetual source of debate, a national think-tank says Connecticut at least does better than most other states at ensuring it gets a good return on its investments.

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Legislators shouldn’t accept free trips from AIPAC

A few weeks ago, three Connecticut state legislators — Sen. Christine Cohen and Reps. Sean Scanlon and Jillian Gilchrest — suddenly appeared in Israel. There was no explanation as to the provenance of this trip; indeed, Cohen and Scanlon (whose districts include my town of Guilford) curiously didn’t post anything about it on their normally buzzing public Facebook pages. I eventually discovered that the tour was funded and led by an arm of the infamous lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

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After investigative findings, state action required to assure patient rights and safety

Two months ago, Disability Rights Connecticut warned that “people’s lives are in danger,” as we urged the state legislature and state officials to take immediate action in the oversight of Whiting Forensic Hospital (WFH) and Connecticut Valley Hospital (CVH) to assure the safety and rights of patients at the state-run facilities. Now, just days after the start of the legislative session, the imperative has only grown more acute.  Delay would be unconscionable, and we are hopeful that the state’s response will be comprehensive, timely and effective.