Vaccine skeptics questioned lawmakers' ties to the pharmaceutical industry.
Vaccine skeptics questioned lawmakers’ ties to the pharmaceutical industry.
Vaccine skeptics questioned lawmakers’ ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

I’m a nurse and I am opposed to all vaccines. . . yes, all of them.

Overall, our health as a society has declined, and the more they add to the schedule, the more damaged we are, and especially our kids.

All the CDC has to do is vax/unvax studies to reveal this, and they won’t.  Each vaccine should be studied against a true placebo, and none of them are.  It is that simple: risk/benefit ratio.

Public health measures like clean water, sanitation, refrigeration, etc. brought us into the modern era and death rates from common childhood infections declined up to 99 percent before vaccines or even antibiotics.  CDC uses the fear of 1900’s data to scare us. . . that is not accurate.

Measles was not feared, it was common, kids got it once then they had nice life long true herd immunity.  That is gone, and we have created a mess.  This is a giant experiment on mankind and not even a very good experiment at that, because an experiment would have double blind, placebo-controlled studies.

I am shocked and horrified at the push for vaccines everywhere you turn.  Connecticut don’t just fall into line with big pharma and corrupt CDC.  Be part of the new age where we don’t have half our children having chronic health conditions.

Sarah Block lives in Trumbull.

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  1. Good point Sarah, there is no transparency only profit. My two older children had chickenpox and the younger one had to have immunization prior to preschool. It forces us to do things that we would not do. Now find out he may need boosters and if he does contract at an older age it could be extremely harmful. If vaccine manufacturers and doctors could be held responsible we would not see this huge push on immunization for everything! I am a nurse also!

    1. Huh? There is transparency and manufacturers and doctors can be held responsible.

      For example, the US law (on-line) clearly states that all US families can sue vaccine manufacturers and the doctors.

      And there are examples like Blackwell v. Wyeth (also on-line) where the vaccines cause autism fraud was well exposed in US Civil courts.

      But, since the anti-vaccs are a fraud, they keep telling folks that one can’t sue vaccine manufacturers….hoping that you won’t bother to look at the facts.


  2. Being a nurse does not immunize you against ignorance. You are free to believe whatever nonsense you want, but the majority of CT residents and virtually all experts disagree with you. There is nothing left to debate here.

    1. You don’t speak for parents in CT.
      Hundreds of thousands of parents in CT don’t believe in vaccines and won’t tolerate being lied to or treated like cattle.
      No means no whether you accept it or not.

      1. If you have so much faith in vaccines and your kids are vaccinated, then what are you worried about?
        Can you list for me the vaccine ingredients and legally assure me I can sue the company if the vaccine harms my child?
        I thought not.
        Those vaccines companies have literal legal immunity.
        I will continue to speak on behalf of those you wish to silence but can never.
        Please allow those no’s from us anti-vaccince parents to sink in real deep because you can’t change them.
        No means no, always remember that.

    2. Science is NOT decided by majority vote. The reality is that people who are employed in the medical industry, or media which is sponsored by Big Pharma, cannot say anything against their sponsors/employers. It is the minority of professionals who are willing to risk their career to speak the truth. Until you listen carefully to the dozens of brilliant doctors who are speaking out against vaccines and presenting the science to back up their position, you really have no idea.

      1. Sorry, but the clear consensus of medical science, innumerable double blind studies, is in favor of vaccines. Science is decided by such work. The “brilliant doctors” spouting fringe science are simply wrong, as are you.

  3. Clearly this nurse has not studied history or she would know the benefits of vaccines. Today we do not have smallpox, one of the deadliest diseases known to humankind, because of vaccination. We have nearly eradicated polio. We could have eradicated measles and mumps but for a movement based on misinformation. These diseases are deadly, and History is full of examples. Hundreds of Native Americans died in epidemics in Hartford, including a measles outbreak in 1713. And until the 20th century, death and disability from measles was far from unheard of.

    1. I can send you a list of 50 MDs who, based on their education, years of medical practice and ongoing personal research, have concluded that vaccines cause much more harm than benefit. No one could say they are ignorant or don’t understand science. The difference between you and them is that they know the truth and you are just trusting what you’ve been told by people and organizations that have massive conflicts of interest in favor of the vaccine industry.

      1. I know History. I know that in virgin soil populations communicable diseases could kill up to 95 percent of the population. In populations with some immunity pre-vaccinations an epidemic could still kill one third. Vaccinations have saved countless lives.

      2. Except MDs are not scientists and do not understand much of the key science.

        Anyway, out of your 50 MDs, how about one example where we can fact-check their conclusions?


  4. Look what is happening with COVID-19. Many people are spreading it unknowingly, some get symptoms and recover easily, some experience little to no symptoms. But they can be carriers, with or without symptoms. Once it got into the nursing home in Kirkland, WA, what happened? Many people died because they were a concentrated at-risk population. They were not out in the community; it came in to them.

    COVID-19, the seasonal flu, smallpox, measles, chickenpox, meningitis, pneumonia, hepatitis, mumps, and polio are not minor infections. Ask the people in Kirkland. This is a public health issue.

    Look how quickly COVID-19 has spread. If this could prevented through a vaccine, apparently the author would be against it. Just let it rip, sorry Grandma and Grandpa. Sorry cancer patients. Sorry overwhelmed medical facilities. Sorry taxpayers.

  5. One example:
    “Each vaccine should be studied against a true placebo, and none of them are. ”

    A quick search using “vaccine double blind placebo controlled studies” yields 278,000 hits!

    Each of Ms Block’s assertions are simply not true.

    Our children’s health is important and parents deserve accurate information based on competent science–not anti-vacc nonsense.


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