Installment 2 from Tuesday’s entry:

Guidelines changed. I am not eligible for a test under the current guidelines, which apparently changed again today. If this wasn’t happening to me I would think someone was making it up. Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered after I was told no the first time.

I was told that the kits are still super limited so the priority is on testing those 60+, other underlying health conditions, people who are admitted to the hospital, and health care workers who have been quarantined and need clearance to return to work. Intellectually, that makes sense. Emotionally, it’s draining. The uncertainty, especially since I am friends with and work with so many people in the high-risk groups, is worrying. The self-blame, even though intellectually I know it’s ridiculous, still hurts.

Today’s quarantine picture is on my Twitter @ConnConnection along with a meme I created.

The only thing that provides some relief is that every medical professional with whom I interacted today related that they thought more testing should be done. The guidelines are driving their decisions. And there still aren’t enough kits. Someday, the review of “what went wrong” really needs to do a deep dive into why this country was not better prepared for something they knew was coming.

Kathy Flaherty lives in Newington.

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