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Posted inCT Viewpoints

A trillion here, a trillion there…

Recently Congress and the President took bipartisan action and agreed on a $2.2 trillion stimulus package for the U.S. to address the effects of COVID-19. The bill passed virtually unanimously although many griped before voting, with even one member referring to it as “a big crap sandwich” due to the perceived non-Coronavirus related funding inclusions.

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When they return, state lawmakers will face a great test

It was in an essay on the proper response to epidemics that Hippocrates famously wrote, ‘First, do no harm.’  Those words are as important for politicians as they are for physicians, and most important when stakes are the highest.  I implore the General Assembly, when it returns, to confine itself to the considerable work at hand, and leave all non-essential proposals to another session.

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Science, not false hope, will reopen our economy

Irresponsible statements made by some of our Republican elected officials, in essence echoing Donald Trump’s big sweat to open up the country, are dangerous to Connecticut’s citizens.
They create unnecessary political theater at a time when our leaders need to be giving serious bipartisan thought to the science of slowing and eventually stopping the disease. They also present possible false hope to many citizens who need to weigh their ultimate health (or life) with the need to earn a living.