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Posted inCT Viewpoints

An Earth Day declaration

COVID-19 is a fast-moving catastrophe, and may likely claim over a million lives before we have a vaccine. Climate change is a slower-moving catastrophe, but is certain to claim millions of lives over time from stronger and more frequent storms, floods, and fires; from sea level rise and air pollution; and from the wars, genocides, displacements, and geopolitical conflicts that will arise from these factors.

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Let’s try a different approach to learning during the stress of the pandemic

Who said we could continue with the curriculum during a time of pandemic? Who said that the stress related to thousands of deaths and the fear of being infected or infecting others, of losing our jobs, of not keeping the peace at home, wouldn’t be an obstacle? I am proposing that it is, and that we need to adopt a different approach to school and curriculum during the three or four months this lasts.

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Nursing home residents should not be discharged to face virus exposure

In late March, in the early days of the pandemic in Connecticut, a 65- year-old man who cannot walk and is incontinent received notice that the nursing home where he lives is seeking to discharge him to a homeless shelter.  While there is a moratorium on filing new evictions through July 1, there is not as yet a moratorium on involuntary nursing home discharges.